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Linda is a full time EA NCAS qualified coach with extensive international experience training both horses and riders of all levels.

Linda grew up in Holland, where she was breaking in ponies at the age of eight, and successfully competing in a variety of equestrian disciplines as a young rider.   After gaining her Bachelor of Education teaching degree, Linda spent ten years working in and managing horse breeding and training centers in both Europe and America, where she was responsible for both competing as well as overseeing the horse training.   This gave Linda the opportunity to compete a variety of horses to FEI level with Championships and placings at shows in Wiesbaden-Germany, Verona- Italy, Paris- France, Kentucky - USA, Tokyo - Japan.

As part of her travels, Linda came to Australia and spent some time riding at Bart Cummings stables, as well as working with Argentinian Polo Ponies for one of the Polo Teams while in Australia for tournaments at Kerry Packers Ellerston Pastural station.

Decided to settle in Australia, she spent several years as the manager and head instructor of one of Australia’s leading Riding and Coach education centres, where her teaching and horse education background enabled her to teach not only beginner riders but also advanced riders, including future NCAS Level 1 instructors participating in the traneeship program.

Linda regularly returns to Europe where she combines family visits with training at institutions like the Academy Bartels in the Netherlands and visits to various centres in Germany in order to remain current with advancements in both horse and rider training techniques.

In 2000, Linda established her own coaching and training centre and with her knowledge of horses, teaching, training and riding, combined with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities, she is able to offer a relaxed and natural environment for both horse and rider.

We can help you and your horse develop to the best of your ability and it is our aim to create a happy, safe and enjoyable partnership between you and your horse.


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Knowledge in plain English about you and your horse

Regardless of your riding experience or aspirations, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with you and helping you to develop your skills.

Very often, riding instruction can be a daunting experience with explainations that are often confusing to those that don't already know what they mean!
With both Teaching and NCAS Level 1 qualifications, extensive experience in rider instruction, as well as remaining current with international training advancements, we are able to explain riding in plain English (Dutch or German).

We will work with you to make sure that both you and your horse are safe and happy.   As well as working on your riding skills and communication with your horse, we will also guide you in the important factors of choosing the right equipment, rider posture, biomechanics of both the horse and rider, as well as training plans to keep you focused.
All our regular riders receive our unique ‘Horse and Rider Progress Record’, which allows you to plan your lessons and training to help you achieve your goals.

Our centre is EA NCAS accredited and registered and our International and multi-discipline experience allows us to offer lessons from basic riding skills to advanced and competitive dressage and show jumping.  

  • Private lessons run for 45 minutes at a cost of $75.00*
  • Semi-Private lessons (2 riders) run for 45 minutes at a cost of $60.00 per rider*
  • While most riders bring their own horse, we do have educated horses available to allow you to learn higher level movements.   The use of a school master costs an additional $20 per lesson.

*Cancellation Policy:   We require 24 hours notice for a cancellation of a lesson. Cancellations occuring after that period will incur a cancellation fee of $50.00.

Horse Rental

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Rent a quality warmblood!

We provide and take care of the horse, you just come and ride.

Over many years teaching people to ride, we have observed that there is always a point when a rider wants to move on from beginner riding and trail rides, however access to a horse suitable for higher levels is almost impossible to find unless you purchase your own. This presents many problems:

  • What horse do I buy, and at what price?
  • How do I know it will be suitable?
  • Where do I keep the horse?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How often can i get out to see my horse?
  • What gear do I need to buy?
  • Does my saddle fit my horse?
  • What happens if my horse gets injured?
  • Is it necessary to call a vet?
  • Can I be there if I need to get a vet?
  • Which farrier do I get?
  • Do I need to be there when the horse is shod?
  • What type of shoeing does my horse need?
  • When does my horse need the dentist?
  • When and with what product do I worm my horse?
  • What vaccinations do I need to give my horse?
  • How do I give the vaccinations?
All of these, and more, are common questions that are asked, with the answers not always encouraging.
The purchase price of a horse is usually the cheapest part.

With today's busy lives and the necessity to live close to the city, our customers (and may others) are often forced to forgo the idea of owning a horse and therefor over time their hobby of riding.

It is for these reasons that we have come up with a horse rental program which gives you a sense of horse "ownership" without the worry and un-expected extra costs that come with owning a horse.

For a weekly fee, you get a horse, it's gear, lessons and access to our facilities.

Click here to see the horses and the cost!


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Personalised training is our specialty.

It is important to us that your horse’s training works for you.
That is why we involve you as much as possible in your horse’s training program and this may include lessons for you as well as for your horse.

We specialise in training horses and guiding their riders in dressage, jumping, post-injury rehabilitation and change of discipline.

Every horse that comes here for training gets their own training report for you to take home and refer too.

When a horse arrives for training, we start with a conformation, soundness, movement, and training history assessment that will form the first part of your training report.

Based on this assessment, we discuss with you what you hope to achieve from the training program, and we will give you an indication on the estimated timeframe it may take to achieve the desired outcome.
As every horse is treated as an individual, we customise our training and care program to suit the horse's needs which are documented in the report.

As the horse undergoes its training, we update the report with its progress.   On your horse's final day, you will receive a copy of our report to take home and read.
We have found the training report has proven to be a very useful guide for our customers to help them continue their training at home.

Our standard weekly full care training program includes:

  • Seven days of full care agistment, including hard feed and hay
  • handling and grooming
  • training as per the agreed schedule
  • your training report
The cost of our full care training programs are:
  • 3 days training: $295 per week
  • 5 days training: $370 per week


Full Care Agistment with a difference

Owning a horse and not having the space at home to keep it is a familiar problem for many.

Finding quality agistment can be difficult. We offer a place that is safe and where your horse can be a horse.
Our Full Care agistment means that your horse can have a routine, so you do not need to worry about rushing out to feed or rug your horse before it gets dark.

As an included bonus, you can also choose either a lesson for you, or a training session for your horse.   This means if you are unable to get out to your horse, it will be looked after and exercised.

The cost of our full care agistment is $200.00 per week (minimum of 4 weeks) and includes:

  • Daily feeding, including all Feed (hard feed, hay and minerals)
  • constant access to water
  • large natural paddocks for the horse to graze and be with other horses
  • Either a weekly lesson or a training session for your horse
  • Use of all facilities:
    • Shared use of the indoor arena at any time (no need to book it in)
    • Gear Locker large enough to accommodate 2 saddles
    • Espresso coffee, tea and cold water.
    • Use of outdoor riding area and jumps.
    • Access to endless trails at the end of our quiet road

Individual paddocks and short term agistment are available as well, however conditions and a surcharge apply

Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Address:
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  • Phone Number:
    +61 (0)412 810 582
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  • Opening Times:
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